Chroma 6314A DC Electronic Load Mainframe 4 Slots

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The Chroma 6314A 1200W and 6312A 600W DC electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable 6310A series load modules for easy system configuration, and will mount in a 19" instrument rack. The 6314A holds up to four 63102A load modules, which will result in an 8-channel 100W/channel load with standard front-panel inputs. This makes it ideal for testing multiple output switching power supplies and multiple DC-DC converters. There are also higher wattage modules that may be mixed and matched for an even more versatile system. Additionally, the GO/NG output port is useful for UUT's pass/fail testing on an automated production line. All modules on the 6314A/6312A mainframe share a common GPIB address to synchronize and speed up the control of the load modules and the readback of data.