Chroma 63212 Programmable DC Electronic Load

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The Chroma 63212 Programmable DC Electronic Load is capable of electronic measurement testing at levels of 10,000W of power, a range from 0-150A of current and 10-1000V of voltage. This DC Load device is designed to test DC power sources, power electronic devices, component testing and automotive batteries. Chroma 63212 DC Load units feature high power rating, synchronization and parallel capabilities which render it an ideal tool for testing UUTs like SMRs, batteries, UPSs and fuel cells. A 4 load mode setup provides differing load simulations for various applications. CC/CR modes are designed to test the constant voltage type of your particular power supply. CV mode is utilized to test battery charger and current sources, while CP mode is ideal for battery testing via simulation of the real discharge curve. Master / Slave control, which allows users to program loading in CC mode on the master unit. Loading the current values of slave units is then calculated and downloaded by master units automatically.