Doble PD-Smart Partial Discharge Analyzer

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Rent Doble PD-Smart Partial Discharge Analyzer
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Doble PD-Smart
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PD-Smart Datasheet
Use the Doble PD-Smart for partial discharge testing for all types of in-service equipment including transformers, rotating machines, cables and switchgear. The PD-Smart works with Doble couplers or your existing, pre-installed couplers. The instrument is specially designed for calibrated electric partial discharge measurements according to IEC 60270 and has ultrahigh frequency (UHF) capabilities. Partial discharge activity is one of the leading indicators of insulation health and should be measured as part of a thorough condition assessment program.
Doble PD-Smart Features
  • High measurement accuracy and sample rate
  • Complies with IEC 60270, VDE 0434 and various ANSI and IEEE standards
  • Advanced noise suppression tools include windowing, gating, frequency band shifting and an adjustable internal digital filter
  • Uses well-known and advanced Doble Lemke Noise Gating Technology with one separate channel for real hardware gating and an external antenna for elimination of external noises
  • Measures both the PD and the actual applied voltage under test
  • User interface features a customizable dashboard layout to make PD testing easier and more intuitive