OMICRON MPD 600 Partial Discharge Measuring System

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The OMICRON MPD 600 Partial Discharge Measuring System is a highly developed partial discharges tester with the ability to evaluate discharges in the range of pico-coulombs (pC). The MPD 600 has different PD testing applications for testing complex devices, such as generators, transformers, switchgear, and cable systems. By adopting a measurement unit, a USB controller, and sophisticated analysis software, the OMICRON MPD 600 can achieve an exceptional measurement accuracy of ± 0.05 % (of voltage calibrated V value), a frequency of ± 1 ppm, and a calibrated PD level of ± 2 %.

The OMICRON Partial Discharge Tester's fiber optic connections allow distances of up to 2 km / 1.2 miles between adjacent measuring devices, providing a wide range. The MPD 600 also features a three-phase amplitude relation diagram, capable of simplifying the differentiation of various PD sources and PD interferences. The synchronous signal output from three filters with different center frequencies from 0 Hz - 32 MHz is visualized in a 3-Center Frequency Relation Diagram for pulse waveform analysis. Measurement data are easily generated through a flexible interface with a clear data report in .xml format.