Megger/HDW/SebaKMT OWTS M60, 60 kV PD/Fault Location System

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The Megger/HDW/SebaKMT OWTS M60, 60 kV PD/Fault Location System is used to identify, evaluate and locate partial discharge (PD) faults in a cable insulation and accessories in all types of medium voltage cables.

The system consists of a notebook as a WLAN control unit and a HV unit. The HV unit contains a HV source and a resonance inductor with an integrated electronic switch to generate the AC test voltage. The HV divider and an embedded controller for the digital data acquisition and PD signal processing is integrated. The storage, analysis and evaluation of the PD signals takes place in the notebook and can be done either on site or in the office. The PD fault location is based on the time domain reflection method.

For the PD diagnosis the test object is charged to the preselected peak value by a HV source within a couple of seconds and afterwards shorted with an electronic switch via a resonance coil. Thus a sinusoidal oscillating AC voltage with low damping is created (DAC). The frequency is fixed in a range from 50 Hz to several 100 Hz, depending on the capacitance of the test object.