Phenix PD2U Partial Discharge & RIV Tester

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The Phenix PD2U Partial Discharge & RIV Tester is used for quality assurance and quality control tests of low and high voltage insulation, the PD2U provides a simple push button interface with an LCD display. It can be connected to a computer to capture screenshots or to implement remote control of the unit. A wide range of accessories are offered adapting the PD2U Partial Discharge Tester to specific testing applications and noise conditions.

The Phenix PD2U provides a simple pushbutton interface with an LCD display. Display modes include a simple PD charge meter with adjustable “needle” sensitivity, monochrome phase-resolved PD patterns for characterization of defects, and a scope-like display showing phase-summed charge pulses superimposed with the applied voltage wave. High voltage is displayed showing the waveform and calculates Û, Û/√2, Urms. Measured results are in compliance with IEC 60270.