OMICRON OMS 605 Portable Partial Discharge Monitoring System

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The OMS 605 is our solution for portable, temporary online Partial Discharge monitoring of typical measurement points in cable systems, such as terminations. All that you need for either short-term or long-term online PD monitoring is provided in a rugged case with wheels for easy transport.

Pre-wired, plug-and-play modules enable quick setup at each monitoring location. PD data acquisition is performed synchronously on all three phases for effective noise reduction and PD source evaluation. Dedicated monitoring software supports easy PD trend analysis.

The OMICRON OMS 605 Portable Partial Discharge Monitoring System is designed for inspections of high-voltage assets under load. It can be employed for temporary and periodic, condition-based monitoring. Measurements are performed at the assets one after the other. The OMS 605 can be easily connected to existing sensors installed at the asset, e.g. coupling capacitors or high frequency current transformers. The portable system has three channels in order to capture partial discharge activities at all three phases. The PD acquisition is performed synchronously, which simplifies the suppression of noise signals and the individual evaluation of particular PD sources.

The OMS 605 can be used to provide important insights into the life expectancy of a system for applications such as quality assurance and commissioning of generators, motors, switchgear systems and high voltage cable systems.