EA Technology UltraTEV Locator Partial Discharge System

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Rent EA Technology UltraTEV Locator Partial Discharge System
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EA Technology UltraTEV
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UltraTEV Datasheet
The UltraTEV Locator measures and records PD activity in all substation equipment – including cables.
The UltraTEV Locator is a fully portable, multi-functional system for investigating and recording PD activity in unprecedented detail. It comprises a central unit with multiple sensors and dual probes, plus a range of accessory options to increase its versatility even further.
The accuracy and versatility of the UltraTEV Locator derive from employing six sensor technologies in a single package. The addition of sensors which measure environmental variables which are known to affect PD activity greatly increases the value of measurements.
  • Locating and measuring PD activity to identify faults BEFORE they lead to failures
  • Recording and analyzing PD activity to provide valuable information on the actual condition of assets
  • More effective asset management, reliability, efficiency and safety, at lower cost
EA Technology UltraTEV Features
  • Ability to pinpoint PD activity to within 10cm (4 inches)
  • Ultrasonic and TEV sensors for surface and internal PD
  • Factors in environmental conditions: temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Measures and records the severity of PD, for diagnostic analysis
  • Works with cables and overhead assets
  • Tough, weatherproof case, with built in 12 hour battery