Hipotronics DDX9101 Digital Partial Discharge Detector

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The Hipotronics DDX9101 Digital Partial Discharge Detector partial discharge detector comes from the very successful family of DDX partial discharge equipment. It is an ideal solution for pass/fail partial discharge testing; incorporating all the basic functions of an analog detector and meeting all IEC and IEEE/ANSI standard for PD testing. It's designed to help you modernize your facility at an affordable price, and it's simple to operate.
  • Ideal for pass/fail testing – you set the allowable PD level and the unit determines pass/fail
  • Simple to use – 8 buttons on the front panel are all you need to operate the detector
  • Straightforward replacement of old analog detectors
  • Multiple detectors – with the data acquisition/remote control software you can operate and monitor multiple detectors at the same time
  • Integrated test systems – because of its compact design and functionality this unit is ideal for an integrated PD test system including an AC power supply