DTS SLICE PRO SIM 18-Channel Data Acquisition System

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The DTS SLICE PRO SIM 18-Channel Data Acquisition System is a compact data logging module that allows for accurate and reliable analyzation in any environment. The SLICE PRO SIM offers a consistent 200 kHz bandwidth across its 18 channels, recording the data to a 16 GB flash memory. The data acquisition system boasts incredible versatility, with a user-selectable sampling rate that goes up to 1 M sps/channel. An option to daisy-chain the module also lets users add hundreds of channels to the system.

The sensor input module is also built for tough conditions, with rugged packaging and a 100 g shock rating to measure acceleration, strain, voltage, and temperature in the most extreme conditions. Whether the temperature drops to 0 °C or jumps up to 60 °C, the SLICE PRO SIM will continue recording reliable data.