Yokogawa MV1006 Portable Paperless Recorder

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Yokogawa MV1006
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MV1006 Datasheet
Portable Paperless Recorder
Yokogawa MV1006 Features
  • Multi-point Input: 24-channel input
  • Reliable Long-duration Memory Internal memory: 200 MB (Approximately 75-day continuous 12-channel measurement data storage at a 1-second data storage interval)
  • Data can be stored in external storage media, such as a CF card and USB memory.
  • Fast and so easy setup
  • Wide Range of Input Types Accepts thermocouple (up to 18 types), RTD (up to 12 types), DC voltage (within +/-50 V), and contact inputs.
  • Insulated between channels, 1000 VAC withstand voltage!
  • Text Save mode enables text data to be transferred directly to general-purpose software.
  • A wealth of network functionality such as E-mail, FTP, and DHCP functions are available.