Keysight 34980A Optional Modules

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The Keysight 34980A handles your system switching needs up to 20 GHz and provides basic measurements and system control. It offers optional DMM measurements, counter/totalizer functionality, digital I/O with pattern capabilities, and analog outputs with basic waveforms. And with its standard connectors and software drivers, computer-standard I/O, and Web browser interface, the Keysight 34980A easily integrates into electronic functional test and data acquisition systems.

The Keysight 34980A accommodates up to 8 plug-in modules to give you the flexibility you need. Choose from 19 different optional modules to define your own configuration. Whether you are measuring temperature, AC or DC voltage, resistance, frequency, current, or custom measurements, the 34980A offers the functionality you need in a single box. Switch in different measurements with high-performance signal switching no external signal conditioning is required. Choose between different switch types and topologies with frequency ranges from DC to 20 GHz. The 34980A offers high-density multiplexers for scanning multiple channels, matrices for connecting multiple points at one time, and general purpose switches for simple control and high power needs.

Use the Keysight 34980A to route individual signals or monitor multiple signals over a specified period of time monitor a single channel or multiple channels, set alarms, and identify irregularities. The 34980A also offers flexible choices for system control. You can control external devices such as microwave switches, attenuators, solenoids, and power relays. Or use the digital inputs to sense limit-switch and digital-bus status.