Yokogawa FX106 Six Channel Paperless Recorder

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Rent Yokogawa FX106 Paperless Recorder
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Yokogawa FX106
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Manual FX106 Datasheet
The Yokogawa FX106 Six Channel Paperless Recorder is a cost effective paperless recorder with highly optimized performance. Measured data can be easily viewed on the FX’s versatile displays, even in the field. Unlike data from chart recorders, electrically stored data can be archived and copied securely, quickly and easily without taking up space. The FX106 delivers what all companies demand: reductions in TCO, improved efficiency, and enhanced control.

The FX106 provides an excellent alternative to chart recorders through enhanced data management and high performance. With a powerful set of optional functions such as pulse input, Pt1000, and mathematical functions, the FX100 enables easy operation tailored to your specific application, whether it be water treatment, wastewater treatment, heat treatment, process technology, or environmental test equipment.

  • /A1: Alarm output 2 points *1
  • /A2: Alarm output 4 points *1
  • /A3: Alarm output 6 points *1
  • /C2: RS-232 communication interface *2
  • /C3: RS-422-A/485 communication interface *2
  • /C7: Ethernet(10BASE-T) communication interface
  • /F1: FAIL/memory end output *3
  • /M1: Mathematical function (with report function)
  • /N2: 3 legs isolated RTD
  • /N3: Pt1000Ω input
  • /PM1: Pulse input 3 points, remote control 5 points (including Mathematical function )*4
  • /R1: Remote control 8 points
*1: /A1, /A2, /A3 cannot be specified together.
*2: /C2, /C3 cannot be specified together.
*3: If /F1 is specified, /A3 cannot be specified.
*4: If /PM1 is specified, each /A3, /R1, and /M1 cannot be specified.
*4: If /PM1 is specified, /A2 and /F1 cannot be specified together.
Yokogawa FX106 Features
  • A Wide Variety of Highly Visible Displays
  • Versatile Measurement
  • Simple and Easy Operation
  • Dust-proof and Water-proof (IP65)
  • Easy Wiring
  • Powerful Computation Functions beyond Simple Calculation (/M1 Option)
  • A Variety of Communication Option Combination (/C2, /C3, /C7 Option)
  • Delivers Stable Measurement
  • Protects Data When Power Interrupted
  • Keeps Your Data Secure
  • Online/Offline Configuration
  • Data Viewer/Conversion
Yokogawa FX106 Specs
  • Input:
    • Measurement points: 6 (six) channels
    • Measurement interval: 1s, 2s
    • Input Types:
      • DCV:20mV, 60mV, 200mV, 2V, 6V, 20V, 50V
      • TC: R, S, B, K, E, J, T, N, W, L, U, WRe
      • RTD:Pt100, JPt100 (Pt1000: Optional)
      • DI: voltage input (TTL), contact input
      • DCA:with external shunt register
    • Simple Calculation: Differential, linear scaling, square root
    • Maximum allowable input voltage:
      • ±10 VDC (continuous) for less than 200mVDC range, TC, RTD, DI ranges
      • ±60 VDC (continuous) for more than 2 VDC range
    • Maximum common mode noise voltage:
      • 250 Vrms AC (50/60Hz)
    • Maximum noise voltage between channels:
      • 250 Vrms AC (50/60Hz)