AstroNova TMX-18 Portable Data Recorder (Astro-Med)

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The AstroNova TMX-18 Portable Data Recorder's powerful Embedded Scope Capture and intelligent triggering provide low-speed trending while simultaneously monitoring and storing highly sampled, time-synchronized events. The TMX-18 can automatically calculate data in engineering units, such as pressure, strain, and temperature while allowing additional channels by installing input modules. Whether the test runs for 100 milliseconds or 100 hours, the TMX-18 Data Logger ensures precise synchronization of analog, audio, video, and data bus inputs with its dedicated 1 TByte hard drive. The TMX-18 Recorder is suitable for long-term trending and high-speed event detection. 

The AstroNova TMX-18 Portable Data Recorder (Astro-Med) features a high resolution, 17-inch touch-screen display, as well as pre-defined setup options. This recorder accepts different sensor pairings within one test, such as connecting pressure sensors, strain gauges, thermocouples, high voltage, and other signals to one system. This model was previously named the AstroMed TMX-18 Portable Data Recorder.