Fluke 2645A NetDAQ Data Logger

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2645A NetDAQ : Fluke Data Logger
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Fluke 2645A
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20 Channel Logging Data Scanner (Ethernet Network Interface)
Available with the NetDAQ Logger for Windows Software
  • Windows-Based Application Software
  • No Programming Required - Easy, Menu-Based configuration.  Quickly configure and collect data
  • Extensive Plotting and Trending capabilities
  • Send data to other windows programs in Real Time with DDE
  • True 32 Bit Application
  • Supports up to 20 instruments
Fluke 2645A Specs
  • Channel Capacity
    • Analog Inputs: 20; Computed channels: 10
    • Digital I/O Alarm Outputs: 8 total; Totalizer: 1
  • Scan Speed: Slow: 45 (50 Hz), 54 (60 Hz) channels/second nominal; Medium: 200 channels/second nominal; Fast: 1000 channels/second nominal
  • Analog to Digital Converter: Multi-slope type, linear to 16 bits
Input Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Volts 90mV to 50V 3µV to 10 mV 0.01%
AC Volts 50mV to 30V 10µV to 1 mV 0.3%
Resistance 300 ohms to 3M ohms 10m ohms to 100 ohms 0.02%
Frequency 15 Hz to 1MHz 0.01Hz to 100Hz 0.05%
RTD (Pt 100) -200 to 600°C 0.03°C 0.16°C
J Type Thermocouple -100 to 760°C 0.2°C 0.7°C
K Type Thermocouple -100 to 1372°C 0.2°C 0.8°C
T Type Thermocouple -100 to 400°C 0.2°C 0.7°C
Other Thermocouple types: R, S, B, C, E, N