ETS Solutions L315M Air Cooled Shaker

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ETS Solutions L315M
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Air Cooled Shaker
ETS Solutions L315M Specs
Armature Diameter 5.9 in
Armature Material Magnesium (M)
Effective Armature Mass 5.5 lb
Load Attachment Points 1/2 in : 3/8 in UNC
Armature Insert Pattern (PCD) 6 on 2.5 in : 6 on 4.75 in
First Resonant Frequency 2,900 Hz
Max Static Payload 264 lb
Natural Frequency Thrust Axis < 5 Hz
Stray Flux Density < 10 Gauss
Dimensions Uncrated (W x D x H) 29.7 x 23.6 x 24.2 in
Shaker Weight Uncrated 1078 lb
ETS Solutions L315M Accessories
  • Load attachment inserts with Metric and American threads
  • PCD insert patterns to match existing jigs and fixtures
  • Armature frames in Magnesium or Aluminum
  • Motorized Shaker Body Rotation System
  • Enclosed Air Inlet and Outlet Ducts
  • Air Isolation Mounts
  • Air Glide Casters
  • Unibase Slip Tables
  • Standalone Slip Tables
  • Slip Tables to any Size and Shape
  • Additional BT Series journal bearings
  • Thermal Barriers for use with Climatic Chambers
  • Slip Plates in Magnesium or Aluminum
  • Gun Drilled Slip Plates for low temperature applications
  • Head Expanders and Vertical Support Platforms
  • Customized Fixtures -Cube, L type and T type
  • Auxiliary Interlock Unit for additional safety Interlock
  • Remote Control Panel via RS485 data communication