EXFO ConnectorMax MPO Fiber Optic Link Test Solution

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The EXFO ConnectorMax MPO Fiber Optic Link Test Solution is an all-in-one solution for validating MPO/MTP fiber optic links of any type, including MPO 12 and MPO 24 single mode or multimode cables as well as APC or UPC and male or female connectors. The ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution takes the three essential tests needed to validate MPO links—polarity, continuity and connector cleanliness—and combines them into one automated solution. It pairs a light source at one end of the cable with a fiber inspection probe for analysis at the other end—a first in the industry. The solution brings together the ConnectorMax Multifiber Source with the ConnectorMax Fiber Inspection Probe to deliver a quick and easy-to-use solution that validates the polarity type, continuity and connector cleanliness of MPO fiber optic links.