EXFO FIP-400B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe

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The EXFO FIP-400B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe allows you to turn your Android or iOS device into a fully automated fiber inspection solution delivering fast and consistent test results. With no wires in your way or cumbersome battery pack, the EXFO FIP-400B provides unmatched end-user experience, combined with bring-it-anywhere portability. With the EXFO FIP-400B, there is nothing restricting your field crews from following fiber-testing best practices and eradicating faulty connector issues impacting the performance of your network. No matter your fiber testing experience, simply connect the probe and let it do all the work. Screenless, single-handed operation means your smartphone stays in your pocket. An LED indicator quickly communicates results. Use your smart device to sync with operator databases and comply with existing workflow and processes. Connector endface pass/fail analysis is based on industry standards (IEC, IPC). No room is left for misinterpreting results. The onboard rechargeable battery supports a full-day of inspection and prevents your smart device from dying.