EXFO FTBx-88460 Bit Error Rate Tester

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The EXFO FTBx-88460 Bit Error Rate Tester is the latest addition to the Power Blazer family of test modules. It comes with a new design concept using the Open Transceiver System which allows users to customize the type of interfaces on the module according to their needs. Additionally, this feature also ensures the future-proof capacity to test new transceivers as they become available. This may be done by simply changing the transceiver system in the EXFO FTBx-88460 instead of having to purchase a new test unit.
EXFO FTBx-88460 Power Blazer modules offer a complete suite of 400G ecosystem testing capabilities – addressing early adopters’ requirements from in-lab innovation to testing in the field. When portability is needed, the EXFO FTBx-88400 Series module can be inserted into the FTB-4 Pro. The module can also serve for rackmount applications, where not only one but two modules can be inserted into the high-performance LTB-8 rackmount chassis to deliver up to 800G of Ethernet traffic.