Tektronix CR286A Clock Recovery Instrument

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The Tektronix CR286A advanced architecture measures and displays the PLL frequency response from 100 kHz to 12 MHz. This is the first clock recovery instrument to allow full control of parameters --including loop bandwidth, peaking/damping, and roll off.
The Tektronix CR286A instrument also allows you to view and measure SSC generated in your system. Problems with the SSC modulation waveform can result in clock rate deviation beyond the capability of the channel or receiver. To avoid the tracking and possible EMI problems from incorrect deviation rates, some of the new serial data standards are specifying the minimum and maximum rate of change of the SSC carrier frequency. The Tektronix CR286A clock recovery instrument can directly display the dF/dt function and provide a parametric measurement of the minimum and maximum peaks.

The CR286A is part of the Tektronix Clock Recovery Series of testers.