Keysight N4960A Serial BERT 17 and 32 Gb/s

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The Keysight N4960A serial BERT system consists of the N4960A clock source/controller, remote pattern generator (N4951A/B), and error detector (N4952A) heads. The controller can operate as a standalone clock source (with jitter injection). Additionally, the Keysight N4960A controller can provide the precision timing and control required for remote pattern generator and error detector heads.
Verifying 100G ethernet or 16GFC transceivers requires a BERT operating beyond 13G. This often results in multiple designers needing to share the one serial BERT in the lab — delaying their characterization, along with the development schedule. The Keysight N4960A BERT has fast transition times and real-time BER count updates. Also, low intrinsic jitter provides continuously settable clock frequencies — allowing data rates from 5 to 32 Gb/s rates and from 4 to 17 Gb/s. As a result, high-quality signals produce excellent fidelity in the eye for improved measurement accuracy.