Keysight M8040A Bit Error Rate Tester

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The Keysight M8040A Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) is highly integrated for physical layer characterization and compliance testing. With support for pulse amplitude modulation 4-level (PAM-4), non-return-to-zero (NRZ) signals, and symbol rates up to 64 Gbaud (corresponds to 128 Gbit/s), the Keysight M8040A covers all aspects of the emerging 400/200 GbE and CEI-56G standards. The M8040A BERT true error analysis feature provides repeatable and accurate results -- optimizing the performance margins of your devices.
The Keysight M8040A is designed for R&D and test engineers who characterize chips, devices, transceiver modules and sub-components. This Keysight Bit Error Rate Tester is also modeled for boards and systems with serial I/O ports operating with symbol rates up to 32 Gbaud and 64 Gbaud in the data center and communications industries.