Viavi T-BERD 6000a v2 BERT/MSAM

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The Viavi T-BERD 6000a v2 Multiple Services Application Module (MSAM) test platform provides a fully compliant bit error rate (BER) tester for testing serial datacom, DS1, DS3, and Optical 155 Mbps circuits. The Viavi T-BERD 6000a v2 is a next-generation platform that combines serial datacom testing up to 18 Mbps, conditioned diphase, DS1, DS3, and OC-3 testing with advanced platform features such as remote control, an easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface (GUI), and saved setups and results. 

Building on the success of the Viavi FIREBERD and test pad 2000 platforms, users can now use the Viavi T-BERD 6000a v2 to easily migrate their test needs from datacom to OC-48/192 to Ethernet/IP and enjoy the size of a portable tester all-in-one instrument user interface.