FLIR T860 High-Performance Thermal Camera

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The FLIR T860 High-Performance Thermal Camera is equipped with a color viewfinder and a 180-degree rotating lens platform, that makes the device easy to use and see under bright conditions. The FLIR T860 is designed for visibility and inspection of critical assets. FLIR T860 pairs with the FLIR Flex View which allows the view lens the convenience of instantly switching from a wide area lens to a telephoto scanning lens. T860 FLIR’s onboarding inspection route system helps record temperature data and imagery in a sequence for faster troubleshooting and repairs. The FLIR T860 camera allows you to change to the 6-inch FOV lens to perform inspections on small targets from long distances. By using the T860 FLIR, you avoid costly downtime for regular preventive maintenance. The FLIR high-performance thermal camera helps technicians make critical decisions quickly. Bringing excellent measurement accuracy, crisp thermal imagery, and workflow optimization assists with collecting and sharing critical data.