Fluke 5520A High Performance Multi-Product Calibrator

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The Fluke 5520A Multi-Product Calibrator is a reliable testing device for comprehensive calibrations on a wide range of products. The 5520A multi-product calibrator sources voltage and current for AC and DC equipment. Along with tests for voltage and current, the device works as a calibrator for radio frequency, sound level, and power meters. Test results cover all necessary measurements, as the device produces measurements for resistance, capacitance, RTDs, and thermocouples.

The versatile Fluke calibrator also offers various options to calibrate for temperature and pressure. When using a probe, the 5520A can measure humidity as well as thermocouple temperature.

The Fluke 5520A Multi-Product Calibrator offers many advanced capabilities when testing for both voltages and currents. The calibrator features an AC voltage range from 1 mV to 1020 V and DC voltage measurements from 0 to +/-1020V. The Fluke 5520A similarly offers excellent current ranges, from 29mA to 20.5A for AC measurements and 0 to +/-20.5A for DC measurements.

The Fluke 5520A Multi-Product Calibrator is not only a powerful testing device but a complete tool for all electrical calibrations. Additional improvements allow the device to function as a data logger, power harmonics analyzer, and even an analog or digital oscilloscopes with select attachments.