Fluke 5700A Multifunction Electrical Calibrator

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Rent Fluke 5700A Multifunction Electrical Calibrator
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Fluke Calibration 5700A
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Manual 5700A Datasheet

The 5700A has been discontinued and replaced with the Fluke 5730a.

Visit the Fluke 5730a

The Fluke 5700A Multi-Function Electrical Calibrator delivers direct voltage to 1100V and alternating voltage from 220 μV to 1100V at frequencies from 10 Hz to 1.2 MHz. Cardinal point resistances range from 1 ω to 100 Mω in x1 and x1.9 decades, including short. Direct and alternating current are provided to 2.2A, and frequencies for alternating current range form 10 Hz to 10 kHz.
Fluke Calibration 5700A Specs
Voltage DC 0 to ±1100V ±7.0 ppm of setting
Voltage AC 220 mV to 1100V
10 Hz to 1 MHz
±75.0 ppm of setting
Resistance 0 to 100 MΩ, 18 values in x1 and x1.9 12.0 ppm
Current DC 0 to ±2.2A (11A with 5725A) ±50 ppm of setting
Current AC 9 mA to 2.2A (11A with 5725A) 10 Hz to 10 kHz ±140 ppm of setting
Wideband AC Voltage Option 300 mV to 3.5V
10 Hz to 30 MHz
±0.4% of setting
Warm up Time 2x the time since last warmed up, to a maximum of 30 minutes
Interfaces IEEE-488, RS-232, 5725A, 5205A or 5215A, 5220A, phase lock in (BNC), phase reference out (BNC)
Safety Designed to comply with UL311; IEC 348-1978; IEC 66E (CO)4; CSA 556B
Guard isolation 20 volts
Weight 27 kg (62 lbs.)
Fluke 5220A - Transconductance Amplifier