Fluke 9500B Oscilloscope Calibrator 1.1 GHz

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The Fluke Calibration 9500B addresses these issues, and provides true, full automation through the use of its unique Active Heads. With the 9500B, all the signals required to fully calibrate the oscilloscope are generated in detachable heads, remote from the calibrator mainframe. The heads are connected directly to the oscilloscope input without the need for additional cables. All control and switching of waveforms are performed under the control of the mainframe, yet within the head itself - typically only a matter of millimeters away from the oscilloscope input and amplifiers. With each 9500B mainframe able to control up to five heads, all the signals required to calibrate a 4-channel oscilloscope with an external trigger can be supplied, controlled and switched without operator intervention or the need for external switching.