GE XL Flex and XL Flex+ VideoProbe Borescope

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The GE XL Flex and XL Flex+ VideoProbe is a video borescope with all-way probe articulation for full-VGA resolution image and video capture and stereo measurement.

GE XL Flex borescope models are lightweight and portable with powerful light output to produce clear, sharp videos and still images. The stereo measurement technology built into the videoprobes uses a patented prism to obtain left and right stereo images from slightly different perspectives. The matching of surface points in the left and right images provides accurate measurement results.

The GE XL Flex borescope has a big, bright LCD screen (5-inch and 3.7-inch options, respectively) resulting in greater image clarity and improved probability of detection. The XL Flex is equipped with Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0, an intuitive application to guide users through the inspection process to automatically tag images and organize results for simplified reporting. With 16 GB of memory, the GE XL has room for storage of up to 15 MDI 2.0 templates.

The rugged build of the GE Inspection Technologies XL Flex+ and XL Flex holds up to tough inspection environments, including exacting U.S. military standards for durability, resulting in lower cost of ownership in the long term.