Olympus IPLEX GX/GT Industrial Videoscope

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The Olympus IPLEX GX/GT Industrial Videoscope is a high-resolution flaw inspector with interchangeable scopes, a responsive TrueFeel-articulation tip and direct and side far lenses. Olympus IPLEX GX/GT videoscopes are ideal for turbine inspection, manufacturing inspection, and other inspection services. Users can choose from a variety of ø 4.0 mm and ø 6.0 mm diameter scope options that vary in length and from three illumination modules: white light, ultraviolet and infrared. The scope delivers crisp H768 x V576 (pixel) images and a smooth, 60 fps video. 

The Olympus IPLEX GX/GT has several useful features that make operation easy. From an easy-to-use touch screen, hotkey controls, flexible screen positioning, the user has the freedom to set up the videoscope in whichever way suits them. The smart video function provides bright and clear images. This videoscope can change between white, ultraviolet, and infrared light sources to go with the interchangeable scopes that come in various diameters and lengths. Even the harshest environments do not prevent peak performance.