Olympus IPLEX GX/GT Industrial Videoscope

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The Olympus IPLEX GX/GT is a portable and reliable videoscope with powerful measurement tools. The device works in the harshest environments and is durable and easy-to-transport. With model diameters ranging from ø 4.0 mm and ø 6.0 mm and lengths ranging from 2.0 mm (6.6 ft.) to 10.0 m (32.8 ft.), the IPEX GX/GT is ideal for several testing practices. 

How Does The Olympus IPEX GX/GT Function?

The Olympus IPLEX GX/GT can be controlled using the responsive touch screen or with the conveniently located quick access buttons. This innovated videoscope can take 60 frames per second (fps), and the unit has true colors and reduced noise applications. Two models of the Olympus IPLEX GX/GT are the IV9635G and the IV9435G.


The IV9635G is a top-tier borescope with a PulsarPic image processor and interchangeable illumination modules. The device has a TaperedFlex tube with flexibility gradually increasing toward the distal end. Meeting IP65 & MIL-STD standards for protection against dust and water, the IV9635G can be used for a variety of testing requirements. This model has a 3.5 m scope.


Like the IV9625G model, the IV9435G is a part of the Olympus IPLEX G Lite Industrial Videoscope series. This model has tube flexibility that has uniform stiffness and a temperature senser with a 2-stage indicator for high temperature warning. The IV9435G is light and durable, making this model and similar units ideal for several testing constraints.

Benefits of the Olympus IPLEX GX/GT

The IV9635G and IV9435G have several useful features for easy operation and in-depth analysis. The Olympus IPLEX GX/GT Industrial Videoscope is a high-resolution flaw inspector with interchangeable scopes, a responsive TrueFeel-articulation tip and direct and side far lenses. Olympus IPLEX GX/GT videoscopes are ideal for turbine inspection, manufacturing inspection, and other inspection services.
These lightweight and user-friendly devices allow for efficient work out in the field. With the IV9635G and IV9435G, technicians can take images with fine details. Bright illumination, contrast matching, and flexible UV and IR lighting options are just some of the features of the IPLEX GX/GT units. Users can choose from a variety of ø 4.0 mm and ø 6.0 mm diameter scope options that vary in length and from three illumination modules: white light, ultraviolet, and infrared. Operators can rely on easy-to-use touch screen, hotkey controls, flexible screen positioning.