RF System Lab VJ Advance 3.9mm Borescope

Rent RF System Lab VJ Advance 3.9mm Borescope
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The RF System Lab VJ Advance 3.9mm Borescope delivers all the features you would expect in a high-end video borescope at a price that makes it accessible to anyone. Now available with an ultra-thin 3.9mm diameter insertion tube, the VJ-ADV is ideally suited to accessing the smallest areas you need to inspect.  No other company offers a smaller OD scope with full 4-way articulation.


  • 4-way joystick-controlled articulation
  • Medical-grade digital camera
  • Image, video, and audio capture
  • Variable LED illumination
  • 3.5” built-in LCD monitor
  • Removable MicroSD memory
  • Software included
  • Hard-sided carrying case
  • Joystick articulation control
  • Stand-Alone Imaging Unit
  • Abrasion resistant, stainless steelbraided insertion tube
  • Ergonomic design with small diameter insertion tube


Insertion Tube
Outer Diameter 3.9mm
Length (meter/inch) 1.5m (59")
Exterior Stainless Steel Braid
Waterproof Insertion Tube and Tip
Chemical Compatibility
Machine Oil, Heating Oil, Engine Oil, 3.5
Concentrated Saltwater, Diesel Fuel
Field of View 70° / 70°
Aperture F 5.3
Depth of Field 4mm to ∞
Illumination Method 6 Super High-Intensity White LEDs
Articulation Range 360° (over 90° in every direction)
Articulation Control Joystick with "Direct Control" Mechanism
Rigid Distal End Length 13mm
LCD Monitor 3.5 inch Color Digital LCD
LED Output Adjustment 5 Levels
GAIN Adjustment 5 Levels
Still Capture / Record Function Still Image (no flash)  / Time-lapse recording (video)