Zibra Corp MHD/MHDV Milliscope

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The Zibra Corp MHD/MHDV Milliscope is a modular fiberscope/videoscope system compatible with Zibra's 3.1 mm HDV videoscope, 1.5 mm HDF fiberscope, 0.8 mm HDV fiberscope and many more scope options. Zibra Corp MHD/MHDV Milliscopes are ideal for aerospace, medical, tubing and welding applications that call for small diameter, rapid replacement borescopes. The MHD and MHDV capture integrated HD digital images and 1080i HDMI video, all displayed on a spacious 19" (48.26 cm) monitor. Zibra Corp Milliscopes feature optical zoom functionality, a scope focus ring and 10 power LED settings. A USB flash drive port is included for capture storage, as well as a port for an optional keyboard. An external 5V DC power supply powers the base.