Olympus IV9435GL IPLEX G Lite Industrial Videoscope

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The Olympus IV9435GL IPLEX G Lite Industrial Videoscope is a top-tier borescope that's made with an amazing video quality that stays consistent in even the worst conditions. The Olympus IV9435GL has a scope of ø 4.0 mm which is also 3.5 meters in length and has an articulation angle of 130°. This IPLEX G Lite Industrial Videoscope collects both video and images at a consistent resolution of H768 x V576 (pixel) and shows the results on a 4.3-inch WVGA LCD display.

The small and light design of the Olympus IV9435GL only weighs 1.21 kg, but the device will still maintain that ideal video quality. The videoscope was literally built for such situations, meeting numerous standards including those for humidity, shock, sand, dust, water-resistance, and electromagnetic interference.

The IV9435GL is a part of the Olympus IPLEX G Lite Industrial Videoscope series.