Olympus IPLEX NX Industrial Videoscope

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The Olympus IPLEX NX Industrial Videoscope is a high-resolution visual inspection instrument capable of pairing with interchangeable scopes that vary in length, diameter, and durability. The videoscope is designed to operate in almost every environment and offers expanded coverage for fast, efficient inspections. Olympus IPLEX NX videoscopes capture H1024 x V768 pixel videos with clarity enough to magnify motes of dust. Compared to a conventional videoscope, the Olympus NX can measure up to 4 times larger and brighter.

Measurement capabilities are expanded through the system's advanced stereo measurement feature, providing a quick and efficient inspection process. The 3D modeling also enables the visibility of detailed inspecting angles. For instance, the Olympus NX can accurately identify the target's shape, alignment, depth, and complexity. 

Another unique function of the Olympus NX is Multi Spot-Ranging. This function allows technicians to access real-time distance measurements from the scope tip to multiple points on the inspection surface. The Olympus IPLEX NX models are designed for flexible positioning that allows technicians to slip the device into narrow places while providing a wide 8.4-inch touch screen display, readable in any light. Technicians can then analyze the video for faults. Olympus NX offers various scope options, which come in different lengths to meet multiple applications.