SPI Borescopes Recon Series Articulating Video Borescopes

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SPI Borescopes Recon Series Articulating Video Borescopes perform inspections by means of a 4-way, 360° power-glide joystick, capture images and video with a 1 million pixel micro-digital camera and display results on a massive, ultra-clear 6" screen. The SPI Borescopes Recon Series provides an interchangeable probe design. This permits the assembly of custom inspection kits, containing various probe size and functionalities, or redundancy to avoid repair associated downtime.

With a built-in HDMI port, 32GB SD card and advanced connectivity, the SPI Borescopes Recon Series can be experienced in brilliant clarity on any size screen, from 6 to 60 inches. The Recon is the only borescope that will increase in value the longer you own it. As SPI Borescopes continues to design and develop new and innovative probes, cameras, functionalities, and software, your boreseope technology will be enhanced in step with SPI Borescopes' future innovations.