RF System Lab VJ-3 6 x 8 ViewTech Videoscope

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The RF System Lab VJ-3 6 mm x 8 m ViewTech Videoscope is designed for responsiveness and accuracy. This instrument comes with useful features such as a side view, retrieval hook and magnet. RF System ViewTech VJ-3 6 x 8 are ideal devices for aircraft and power generation maintenance teams who need to quickly and easily inspect turbine blades, cooling tubes, and combustion chambers.

The RF System Lab VJ-3 6 x8 ViewTech videoscope eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming engine and system tear-down. Compatibility with rechargeable Li-ion batteries for 4-hour run times keep projects going while being mindful of energy consumption.

People interested in this product may be interested in other lengths as shown here. This product is part of the VJ-3 Series.