Haefely PIM110 Ring Wave Impulse Module

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Haefely PIM110 Ring Wave Impulse Module
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Haefely PIM 110
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PIM 110 Datasheet Accessory Kit
Safety is paramount with surge impulses. The PIM 110 High Voltage connections are all linked into the System Safety Concept which prevents high voltage plugs or cables from exposing operators to potentially lethal voltages. This concept is extended to Coupling/Decoupling Networks (CDNs) connected to the PIM 110 output.

PIM 110 as part of the PSURGE 8000 Surge Platform System can be used together with Coupling/Decoupling Networks (CDNs) for superimposition of the impulse on AC and DC power lines. Single and three phase CDNs have multiplexed inputs, allowing up to 3 impulse modules to be connected. A full suite of test impulses can then be performed completely automatically and without the need to power down and reconnect the EUT.

PSURGE 8000 Surge Platform can perform all the programming functions required to perform IEC and ANSI testing without the need of a control computer. Voltage and Current monitor circuits enable quick and easy verification of the impulse shape and amplitude. In addition, peak measurement circuits are used to help determine EUT PASS/FAIL criterion.
Haefely PIM 110 Features
  • Floating high voltage output
  • Ring wave 0.5us - 100kHz (voltage & current)
  • 7.8kV impulse voltage
  • 12Ω, 30W and 200Ω source impedance
  • Impulse voltage & current monitors
  • Accurate phase angle synchronization
Haefely PIM 110 Specs
Impulse Voltage 0.20 – 7.8kV ±10%
Source Impedance 12, 30 & 200 Ohms
Impulse Polarity Positive and Negative
Repetition @ Umax 5 seconds / 12 per minute
Line Synchronization 1° steps ±1° @50Hz
Impulse rise time V= 0.5us ±20% & I= < 1.0us
Impulse frequency 100kHz ± 10% ( V & I)
Voltage Monitor BNC, (750/1)
Current Monitor BNC, (12 & 30W 80A/V) 200W 5A/V
Impulse Output HV connector with safety circuit
Weight 44 lbs (25 kg)
Dimensions 45 x 17 x 57 cm
Haefely PIM 110 Applications
  • Single & Three phase power line systems
  • Many IEC & EN Product standards
  • Other international requirements for Ring wave impulses
Haefely PIM 110 Standards