Hioki IM7587-01 Impedance Analyzer

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The Hioki IM7587-01 Impedance Analyzer offers an excellent balance of accuracy and speed when collecting measurements from a wide range of electrical components. With a measurement frequency ranging from 1 MHz to 3 GHz, the IM7587-01 impedance analyzer rental works for a variety of components and applications. Even while maintaining a basic accuracy of ±0.65%, the device has a test speed of 0.5 msec for analog measurement time.

The Hioki IM7587-01 Impedance Analyzer uses improved measurement terminals for better performance, increasing accuracy, and removability. Hardware improvements also stretch to the high-resolution A/D converter which controls input level and frequency for a measurable range from 100 mΩ to 5 kΩ. A connection cable that is 1 meter in length also comes with the IM7587-01 rental to allow for an even easier setup.