Keysight 4291A RF Impedance Material Analyzer

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The Keysight 4291A RF impedance/material analyzer provides a total solution for high-accuracy and easy measurement of surface-mount components and dielectric/magnetic materials. The 4291A uses a direct current voltage measurement technique, opposing the reflection measurement technique, for more accurate impedance measurement over wide impedance range. Basic impedance accuracy is +/- 0.8%. High Q accuracy enables low-loss component analysis. An internal synthesizer sweeps frequency from 1 MHz to 1.8 GHz with 1 mHz resolution. A 1.8m error-less cable connects the analyzer to a test station so you can extend your test point away from the analyzer without losing accuracy. Advanced calibration and error compensation function eliminate measurement error factors in fixtures and assure high accuracy and repeatability at DUT/MUT.

The 4291A also provides automatic level control and monitor of test signals by using IBASIC programming function; devices can be measured under a constant voltage or current. Measure bias-dependent impedance characteristics with optional dc bias (up to 40 V and 100 mA). At the push of a button, the built-in Equivalent Circuit Analysis Function automatically calculates the circuit constant values of five circuit models.

The 4291A has two measurement channels; each channel can be set to measure a single (e.g. 2) or dual (e.g. Z-theta) impedance parameter. The color CRT with split-display can show both active traces and memory traces (stored in RAM). A built-in floppy disk drive stores programs and test data in either LIF or MS-DOS format. The Keysight 4291A RF Impedance Material Analyzer was previously manufactured as the Agilent 4291A RF Impedance Material Analyzer which replaced the HP 4291A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer.

Option ID5: Precision Frequency Reference