General Radio 1689M Digibridge RLC Tester

General Radio 1689M
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General Radio 1689M
Genrad 1689M
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  • Automatic limit comparison and binning ensure fast, mistake-proof sorting of components
  • Automatic self-test and diagnostic check maintain reliable, error-free operation
  • Measurement parameters: C/D, L/Q, R/Q, C/R (series or parallel)
  • Test frequencies: 12Hz to 100kHz
  • Applied voltage: 5mV to 1.275V
  • Measurement speed: up to 50 measurements/second
  • Display Format: dual display
  • Parameter
    • R: .00001 Ω to 99999 kΩ
    • L: .00001 mH to 99999 H
    • C: .00001 pF to 99999 µF
  • Accuracy: basic RLC ±.02%, Basic DQ ±.0001