Genrad 1689M Precision Impedance Meter

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The GenRad 1689M Precision Impedance Meter gives you the best performance for your most demanding applications whether they be metrology, production tests, incoming inspections, component design and evaluation, process monitoring or dielectric measurement. GenRad 1689M units are versatile, fully-functional, patented, microprocessor-based passive component testers. The Genrad 1689M is a sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled tester that brings new levels of flexibility, simplicity and accuracy to impedance measurement. This impedance meter is a high-performance automated tester with a range of programmable test frequencies and test voltages, as well as automatic limit comparison, automatic parameter selection, remote programmability, automatic binning, and automatic zeroing. The 1689M Precision Impedance Meter provides a powerful combination of features designed to maximize productivity in all testing environments.