Hipotronics X-Wave Sectionalizing Primary Cable Fault Locator

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Hipotronics X-WAVE is the most advanced, safe, and powerful cable fault locating tool on the market for sectionalizing your URD loop feed installations. Used together with the Hipotronics H-Flash, it makes short work of URD Sectionalizing of cable faults. Hipotronics X-WAVE is a fully self contained, battery operated and weatherproof unit. The controller is microprocessor-based with large weather tight push buttons and optical encoder knob with user-friendly sequencing for ease of operation. The integrated emergency stop button, isolated return, and unique mechanical design ensures user safety. The Hipotronics X-WAVE was specifically designed to shorten restoration time and increase productivity for today's utilities, resulting in an improved SAIDI index.
  • Safety – Isolated return & all front panel parts securely grounded for safe operation of the unit
  • Multi-Purpose Device - has ability to pre-locate, locate and diagnose cable faults
  • Easy to Use - device walks user through test procedure; in 5 easy steps you've located the fault
  • Serial Port – allows for waveform download and evaluation of test results
  • Reduce Outage Time - by quickly locating cable faults you reduce outage time and get power back to your customers sooner
  • Reduce Cable Damage - using a TDR reduces thumping and therefore damage to the cable