HDW Electronics EZ-Thump Fault Location System

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Rent HDW Electronics EZ-Thump Fault Location System
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HDW Electronics EZ-Thump
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EZ-Thump Datasheet
The EZ-Thump™ is the newest member of HDW's new generation of advanced underground cable fault locating system that requires less training than a traditional thumper only system. Along with HDW’s SMART-Thump, it is the  only fault locator with built-in intelligence to interpret the results of the initial test sequence. Yes / No push button operation lets the user automatically proof test, prelocate, and pin -point the fault from one convenient control console. There are no adjustments required. The unit automatically sets the thump voltage to minimize the stress applied to the cable. The  EZ-Thump features an automatic safety check to protect the user from incorrect or faulty ground connections. The EZ-Thump offers all of these features plus power (12kV, 500 Joule operation) in a compact, easy to transport package.
HDW Electronics EZ-Thump Specs
Energy / Voltage Output 500J @ 12kV or
500J @ 4kV
DC Hipot Output 0-12kV