Megger SG15-1150M HV Cable Fault Locating System

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The Megger SG15-1150M power cable fault locator system is designed to provide safe, quick, accurate, and easy fault locating performance. The SG15-1150M is typically used on 15/25 kV URD circuits which are made of solid dielectric cables (XLPE, EPR), are 2 to 3 miles (3 to 5 km) long, with a conductor size of up to 500 MCM (250 mm2 ). The unit features a tough, high quality stainless steel enclosure, rated IP64 (closed) and IP53 (open) for use in rough outdoor environments. The unit is available either mounted on a heavy-duty portable hand cart or permantly installed in a vehicle. It offers a complete fault locating approach: hipot testing, fault prelocating and pinpointing.