Megger DigiPHONE+ NT Pinpointing Receiver Set

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Megger DigiPHONE+ NT Pinpointing Receiver Set
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Megger DigiPHONE+ NT
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DigiPHONE+ NT Datasheet
The Megger DigiPHONE+ NT Pinpointing Receiver Set is a fault locating device capable of acoustic and step voltage fault location featuring an acoustic frequency range of 100 to 1500 Hz and a step voltage sensitivity of 5μV to 200V. Megger DigiPHONE+ NT devices determine precise fault locations while automatically filtering out interfering signals and automatically setting all parameters without technician adjustment. BNR technology is integrated, enhancing acoustic quality and noise immunity by reducing background noise. This set contains 2 pinpointing receivers: the DigiPHONE+ and the ESG SNT. The DigiPHONE+ completes distance measurements in milliseconds or meters/foot and the ESG NT blends high measuring sensitivity with automatic adaptation, detection and adjustment of the device. Together, the two pinpointing detection instruments equip technicians to perform all aspects of cable sheath fault testing.
Megger DigiPHONE+ NT Features
  • digiPHONE+
    • Automatic adjustment of values
    • BNR – Background Noise Reduction
    • APM – Auto Proximity Mute when approaching the handle. (acoustic impact protection)
    • 84 dB(A) limiter (according to noise and vibration protection laws, e.g. OSHA)
    • Distance measurement in milliseconds or meter/feet
    • Easy tracing with left–right indicator
    • Compass for fault direction indication
    • High ground stability of the sensor up to 45° 
  • ESG NT
    • Automatic:
      • Suppression of external potentials
      • Adaptation to the voltage level
      • Detection of the pulse rate
      • Zero adjustment
    • Very high measuring sensitivity in the μV range
    • Accessible Interface
    • Cable mounting at the dividable insulated earth rod
Megger DigiPHONE+ NT Specs
Display Module
Display TFT-color display, 320 x 240 pixels
Protection IP 54
Dimensions (H x W x D), Weight 65 x 225 x 100 mm (receiver), 0.9 kg
Acoustic Part / Sensor DDP-SU
Safety Volume limitation to 84 dB(A)
Gain >120 dB, automatic
Dimensions Diameter 230 mm
Height 140 mm
Handle length 450 to 750 mm adjustable
Weight 2.2 kg (including handle)
Dynamic range Acoustic channel > 110 dB
Frequency operating range 100 to 1500 Hz
Protection rating IP 65
Step Voltage Part
Sensitivity 5 μV to 200 V
Suppresion of disturbances 50/60 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz, KKS, DC
Zero adjustment / Pulse recognition Automatic
Length – earth rods 1 m (dividable and isolated)
Weight – earth rods 0.8 kg each
Length – test leads 2 m