HV Diagnostics TD60 Tan Delta Diagnostic Testing System

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The Wireless TD60 system uses wireless Bluetooth technology like to the TD 60 to allow easy setup in the field. Compared to other TD systems on the market that required several connections to be made or were large and bulky, the TD60 requires very few connections and does not use any special batteries or fiber optic cabling that is prone to damage in the field environment. The TD60 is a great tool to trend cable data over time to show gradual degradation and increase operational risk. Defective and/or degraded termination and splices, water treeing, concentric neutral wire corrosion, installation defects can be detected with this instrument. The TD60 is designed to work with the HVA60 VLF system and is therefore capable of performing diagnostic test on 35kV cables and below. The unit comes in a custom case with rollers and a convenient, pull-out handle for easy transportation. The unit is supplied with host of accessories including corona protection, Blue tooth dongle, jumper cable, ground cable, C Type batteries, C Battery Charger etc.