Keysight 4276A-001 L C Z Meter

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HP/Agilent 4275A LCR Meter 10 kHz - 10 MHz
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HP/Agilent 4275A LCR Meter 10 kHz - 10 MHz HP/Agilent 4275A LCR Meter 10 kHz - 10 MHz
Keysight 4276A
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4276A Datasheet
The Keysight 4276A LCZ Meter is a general purpose impedance-measuring instrument designed to measure circuit components such as capacitors and inductors using frequency and dc bias conditions identical to those of the intended application. It features variable test frequency (100 Hz to 20 kHz) with fully automatic high speed measurements, and 4½ digit resolution. The 4276A has an impedance range of 100mΩ to 10MΩ. The Keysight is ideal for production line, quality control and circuit design applications. It is versatile enough for standalone use or systems use under HP-IB control (standard).
Keysight 4276A Specs
Parameters measured c-d·Q·ESR·G·L-D·Q·ESR·G high speed L, high speed C |z|-θ and Δ (deviation for any parameter)
Display 4½ digits (max), maximum display 19999
Measurement circuit modes auto, parallel and series
Frequency control modes SPOT, COARSE (10 freq./decade) FINE (max. freq. resolution)
Test signal level High 1 Vrms +10% @ 1kHz
Low 50 mV+20% (CP only) @ 1kHz
Test frequencies 100 Hz to 20 kHz + 0.01% (801 points)