Keysight 4284A Precision LCR Meter, 20Hz - 1 MHz

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4284A Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 1 MHz
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Keysight 4284A
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The 4284A precision LCR meter is a cost-effective solution for component and material measurement. The wide 20 Hz to 1 MHz test frequency range and superior test-signal performance allow the 4284A to test components to the most commonly-used test standards, such as IEC/MIL standards, and under conditions that simulate the intended application. Whether in research and development, production, quality assurance, or incoming inspection, the 4284A will meet all of your LCR meter test and measurement requirements.
Keysight 4284A Features
  • 20 Hz to 1 MHz, with over 8,600 test frequencies
  • 0.05% basic accuracy, 6-digit resolution
  • Constant V or I test signal level
  • List sweep measurement capability
Keysight 4284A Specs
Parameters Measured |Z | - q, |Y | - q, R-X, G-B
C-D, Q, ESR, G, Rp
L-D, Q, ESR, G, Rp
Deviation and % deviation
Measurement Circuit Modes Series and parallel
Ranging Auto and manual
Trigger Internal, external, manual, and bus (HP-IB)
Delay Time 0 to 60.000s in 1 ms steps
Measurement Terminals Four-terminal pair
Test Cable Length Standard: 0 and 1 m
Integration Time Short, medium, and long
Averaging 1 to 256, programmable
Test Signal 20 Hz to 1 MHz, 8610 selectable frequencies
Test Signal Modes Normal: Programs selected voltage or current at the measurement terminals open or shorted, respectively, and not at the device under test
Constant: Maintains selected voltage or current at the device under test independent of changes in the devices impedance
Test Signal Levels (rms) Normal: 5mV to 2V, 50μA to 20mA
Constant: 10mV to 1V, 100µA to 10mA
DC Bias 0V, 1.5V and 2V

4284A Display Range:
Parameter Range
|Z|, R, X: 0.01 mΩ to 99.9999 MΩ
|Y|, G, B: 0.01 nS to 99.9999 S
C: 0.01 fF to 9.9999 F
L: 0.01 nH to 99.9999 kH
D: 0.000001 to 9.99999
Q: 0.01 to 99999.9
q: -180.000° to 180.000°
D%: -999.999% to 999.999%