Wayne Kerr 6425 Precision Component Analyzer

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Wayne Kerr 6425 Precision Component Analyzer
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Wayne Kerr 6425
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6425 Datasheet
The Wayne Kerr 6425-A is a Precision Component Analyzer specifically designed for testing the components found in today's electronic circuitry. The frequency and voltage capabilities of the Wayne Kerr 6425 Precision Component Analyzer make it ideal for use in incoming inspection, production test, metrology, and research and development labs. Utilizing the fast and accurate power of a microprocessor, the Wayne Kerr 6425 automatically measures L, C, R, G, D, Q, Z, Y, and Phase Angle with a basic accuracy of 0.02%.

OPTIONS: GPIB (IEEE 488) Parallel I/O port, RS232C Serial data output port, Standard Handler Interface, Analog voltage output interface
Wayne Kerr 6425 Features
  • Basic accuracy 0.02%
  • Measurement functions L, C, R, D, Q, G, Z, Y, Phase Angle θ
  • 42 Frequencies in the range 20 Hz to 300 KHz
  • Video display incorporating major term, minor term and equivalent circuit representations
  • Programmable drive level
  • Limits (% or absolute), Analog scale and Sorting (Binning) functions are built-in
  • Integral DC bias, programmable up to 20V, for electrolytic capacitors
  • Automatic range selection with manual override
  • "Soft" Keys for parameter and mode selection
  • Automatic Trim for open and short circuit connections
  • Permanent retention of Trim Values, any programmed Limits and Binning data including test statistics and measurement parameters
  • 4-Terminal connections with active guard
  • Integral keypad
  • User choice from three measurement rates
  • 19" Rack mountable