Keysight 4278A Capacitance Meter 1 kHz/1 MHz

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The 4278A Capacitance Meter 1 kHz/1 MHz is a high-speed, highly reliable, precision test instrument aimed at incoming/outgoing capacitor inspection applications on the production line and in quality control. The 4278A will improve test efficiency by performing comparative measurements of low to medium value capacitors(up to 200 µF - a range that covers most ceramic and film capacitors). The 4278A's standard measurement frequencies and oscillator output level are 1 kHz/1 MHz and from 0.1 V to 1 V in 0.1 V steps, respectively. The built-in comparator function of the 4278A gives you the ability to sort parts into ten bins. A high-speed HP-IB interface and an optional handler interface are available fir combining the 4278A with an automatic handler and an external computer, to build a total solution for automatic testing and data acquisition and analysis.