Keysight 60502A Electronic Load Module

HP/Agilent 300W Load Module
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Keysight 60502A
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The Keysight 60502A DC Electronic Load Module is a part of the Keysight family of dc electronic loads that are ideal for the test and evaluation of DC power sources and power components . The Keysight DC electronic load family offers advantages in performance, quality, and reliability. These loads are well-suited for applications in areas such as R&D, production, and incoming inspection.

  • Opt 020 Front panel inputs
  • Opt 100 87-106 Vac, 47-66 Hz (for Japan only)
  • Opt 220 191-233 Vac, 47-66 Hz
  • Opt 240 209-250 Vac, 47-66 Hz
  • Opt 800 Rackmounting kit for two units mounted side-by-side . (HP part numbers 5062-3994 and 5062-3978)
  • Opt 908 Rackmounting kit includes (HP P/N 5062-3978 with an HP 6050A, HP P/N 5062-3960 with HP 6051 A, and HP P/N 5062-3974 with an HP 6060A)
  • Opt 909 Rackmounting kit with handles (HP P/N 5062-3984 when mounting an HP 6050A and HP P/N 5062-3975 when mounting an HP 6060A)
  • Opt 910 Extra manual set, including one each of the Operating Manual, Programming Reference Manual, and Service Manual. The Programming Manual is available with the Mainframe, and therefore not individual modules. (Operating Manuals and Programming Manuals only are shipped with standard units).


  • Maximum power of 300Watts.
  • 3 to 60V @ 60A.
  • Built-in IEEE-488 interface.
  • Complete control of all load functions.
  • Full protection from over-current.
  • Over-voltage, overpower.
  • Over-temperature.
  • Reverse polarity.