Keysight CX3324A Device Current Waveform Analyzer

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The Keysight CX3324A Device Current Waveform Analyzer is a 4-channel current and voltage analysis tool with bandwidth options of 50 MHz, 100 MHz, and 200 MHz as well as memory depth options of 16 Mpts/ch, 64 Mpts/ch, or 256 Mpts/ch. The CX3324A uses a single-channel current sensor and a passive probe interface that enables power measurements. Engineers can zoom in on any part of the waveform they need to look at in more depth on the Keysight CX3324A capacitive touch screen. Operators working under strict time-to-market constraints will appreciate the interface's adaptability. The Keysight CX3324A  is used for research and development testing on the Internet, mobile, advanced NVM, sensor, and control unit devices for use in the communications, medical, semiconductor, and automotive industries.